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Recording Services

A professional voice recording can help promote your company's good image over the phone. How are your customers, colleagues, and partners greeted when they call your company? Are they greeted with professionalism? Are your messages easy to understand? Will callers focus on the quality of your message, rather than your business?

ETC's Recording Studio, located at our Norcross, Georgia office, provides the voices and solutions for a number of voice messaging applications such as intercept, voice mail, and information-on-hold. Our experienced staff can help with selecting a talent from our portfolio of male and female voices. State-of-the-art digital recording systems capture your message for clean audio reproduction. With over 25 years of experience, we have consistently met the challenges of telephony and established a reputation for quality messages.

Voice mail Greetings
Auto attendant prompts
ACD delay messages
Information on-hold scripts
After-hours recordings
Audiotex applications
Intercept messages for the public telephone network
Custom switch vocabulary
Multiple language recordings
Holiday messages and SantaCalls program
Various recording formats
Sample Messages
Voices Heard Around the World

John Doyle and Jane Barbe, known as the "Telephone Lady," are heard on ETC time, temperature, weather systems around the world.

bullet Female voice demo
bullet Male voice demo

Custom Switch Vocabulary

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Custom switch, industry-specific, or other types of vocabulary can be created for Digicept Emcee, Digicept DNA Modules (including the models 2002 and 2000), System 3, System 3 Jr, or any non-proprietary announcer.

Customizing includes new voice recordings, custom formatting of phrases/messages, and supporting documentation. Multiple languages are available including French, Spanish, German, Japanese and many others. ETC's professional recording services have provided vocabularies for Siemens Stromberg-Carlson, Nortel and Fujitsu to name a few.


File Formats

Digitized analog cassette or reel-to-reel speech files are delivered on diskette or via modem. Common file formats include:

CVSD 3 bit algorithm CVSD 4 bit algorithm ADPCM 32 kbps
PCM 64 kbps Dialogic board WAV

If your format does not appear on this list, please call our Recording Services Department, (262) 542-5600 or 1-888-RING ETC, for availability.


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