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Have you differentiated your services? 

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ETC products meet the needs of service providers in a converging network. The converging network refers to the methods of transmitting voice through traditional circuit switching and newer methods, such as packet-switching. 

Our customers  include ILECs (incumbent local exchange carriers), RBOCs (Regional Bell Operating Companies), CLECs (competitive local exchange carriers), wireless providers, long distance companies, cable companies, and utilities. Anyone providing access to the telephone network or the IP network will benefit from ETC products.

Many businesses also utilize ETC applications including companies involved with health care, finance, education, transportation, theaters, and hospitality. ETC products provide an easy, economical way for businesses to market their services.

ETC’s team approach to product development incorporates ideas from research and the field to create equipment with revenue-generating applications for our customers. Customers need products that differentiate their services in a competitive market. ETC products address these needs with products that are application driven.

Finally, product support and customer education are important ingredients in setting ETC apart from its competition. Whether through on-site training, turn-key installation, or 24-hour technical service, ETC customers can be assured of product assistance that meets their needs.

What product is right for your application?

Daylight Saving Time Information

Digicept Emcee ELF3

Digicept Emcee ELF

Audichron Z-10

Audichron Z-10 MCA

Digital Announcement Systems

MAX Terminator Disconnect Unit

Professional Recording Services

Weathertel Forecasting

Weathertel on the 'Net

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