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Audichron Z-10

  • Solid-state technology
  • Phased system answers on the first ring
  • Day/date in addition to time and temperature
  • Automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings Time
  • Temperature announcement in Fahrenheit and/or Celsius
  • Weather forecasts by professional meteorologists
  • Local recording of messages
  • Multiple advertising messages that rotate in a sequence of play
  • Professional recording services available
Audichron Z-10, ETC’s newest time-temperature-weather announcer, continues a 60-year tradition of successful marketing solutions for your business. While providing service to your community, Audichron Z-10 is an effective and inexpensive advertising, promotional, and public relations tool. 

Geographically Select Audience
Easily reach your target audience. Spend dollars on potential customers, rather than those outside your area of influence.

One-on-One Contact
Get one-on-one contact since callers hear a specific ad message every time they call. Compare this with other more costly, less effective media.

Receptive Listeners
Reach a receptive, attentive audience. Your prospective customer decides to dial your service and listen intently to what you have to say. No other media offers this strategic advantage.

Flexibility in Messaging
Tailor advertising messages to current events and up-to-date promotions. Change messages as often as you wish.

Public Recognition
Gain recognition as a caring corporation and build community good will.

Call Statistics
Determine how many people heard your advertising message through monthly reports that are electronically tabulated.


Dimensions 1.72" (4.37 cm) H x 7.88" (20.02 cm) W x 12.13" (30.81 cm) L
Weight 4-8 pounds depending on number of analog ports
Operating Temperature 32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C) ambient
Power 120VAC (desktop) or -48VDC (19" rack mount)
Alarm Output Single normally open dry contact (2A resistive max) can be connected to CO alarm equipment
Interface RJ11C (line interface card is RJ45) interface cable converts RJ45 to RJ11. Also included is a 25 pair Champ adapter
Number of Ports There are 4 trunk slots which can be equipped with either RTL or E&M circuits (or combination of both)

RTL Trunk (Analog) - each circuit card handles 2 lines

E&M Trunk - each circuit card handles 1 trunk

Memory 128Mb SIMM (standard unit) supports the following:
  • 5.5 minutes of recording memory (including local or remote ads/time intros)
  • 6, 10-second ad messages that can be locally recorded
  • 12, 10-second ad messages that can be remotely recorded and downloaded via modem by ETC's recording studio
  • 8, 5-second Time Intro messages that can be locally recorded
  • 12, 5-second Time Intro messages that can be remotely recorded and loaded by ETC
  • Up to a 4-minute locally recorded message announced after the temperature or weather forecast
Day/Date Date On/Off with or without Day of Week
Time Time On/Off, 4 time formats (standard, military, 24-hour long or short), seconds, beep
Time & Temperature Announce in Fahrenheit, Celsius or both
Weather Forecast Optional daily updates of local area weather as supplied by the ETC Weather Center
Battery Backup Unit uses FLASH RAM, Uninterruptible Power Supply is optional with 120VAC units
Automatic Daylight Savings Time On/Off (1 hour bump)

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