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Digicept Emcee ELF3

Your imagination is the limit when exploring the myriad of applications ELF can offer. Below represents applications that are current and future ELF capabilities.
  • Audiotex 
  • Auto attendant
  • ANA
  • Branding
  • Continuous
  • Call return (*69)
  • Changed number / Referral
  • Call Completion
  • Multiple Referrals
  • CLASS I and II 
  • Equal access
  • FLEX 
  • POTS
  • Reminder service
  • Time, temperature and weather
  • TTY intercept
  • Voice mail
  • Wake-up service
    —with time, temperature and weather

A master performer for your network, Digicept Emcee ELF offers multiple applications and enhanced services in a single platform for circuit and packet-switched networks. Whether your goal is generating revenue, providing enhanced services, implementing custom applications, or any combination thereof, ELF provides the architecture to meet your network needs.

Architecture | Administration | Application Future-ability 
Sample Messages | Specifications

Open Architecture = Flexibility
Emcee ELF3 keeps pace with the various interface options and an open architecture. Interfaces and applications are available for T1, E1, and ISDN/PRI networks. Additionally, Emcee ELF3’s open-standard PCI® architecture and Windows® 2003 Server operating system provide the path to future capabilities and applications.

Ease of Administration
Several features make for easy management of Emcee ELF3 in local or remote networks. A browser-based interface gives administrators a familiar, intuitive way to navigate through menus. Multiple remote systems can be administered from a central location. Conversely, multiple users can administer a single system from remote locations.

Every Emcee ELF3 is equipped with RAID hard drives.

The Emcee ELF3 can support up to three span interface (T1, E1) cards that can be equipped to handle a single (1) span, a double (2) span, or a quad (4) span card, supporting up to twelve T1 spans maximum. Any number of spans can be set up to enable ISDN/PRI.

One Platform, Multiple Applications
Incorporating a variety of applications in one platform makes Emcee ELF3 a space and money-saving solution. The possibilities for configuring a system are virtually unlimited. Emcee ELF3 grows with your network; additional applications are typically installed through software, rather than hardware modifications.

Unlimited Potential
Got an idea for that one-in-a-million killer app? Emcee ELF3’s architecture presents limitless opportunity for building applications that establish brand identity, generate revenue, and offer network solutions. In a competitive and converging network, the Emcee ELF3 performs time and again in a variety of unique environments and challenging situations.


Enclosure 16" W x 13" D x 5.5" H (3u)
Front mount or 4.5" offset. 19", 21" 23" standard mount. Adapters available for other sized racks.
Power Requirements -40VDC to –60VDC, -48 VDC inputs nominal, 5A maximum 2A typical.
Cooling Unit has internal fan cooling with alarms and removable filter. It is not necessary to allow air space above and below enclosure.
Operating Temperature 10° to 40°C (50° to 104° F)
Relative Humidity Non-Condensing 10% to 80%
Interfaces T1, E1, ISDN/PRI,
Ethernet (10/100 Mb)
Signaling and Protocols SMDI, MFR1, MFR2, DTMF
Architecture PCI®
Operating System Windows® 2003
Processor Pentium® technology
Memory 1 GB standard
Hard Drive 160 GB SATA RAID
USB Ports 4 (2 front, 2 back)
Backup Software Optional with flash drive and loaded SATA hard drive.
MTBF Disk Drive: 1,200,000 hours
Design Compliances NEBS, FCC Part 15 and 68, UL1950, R1129/1129+, Q.920, Q.921, Q.930, Q.931, Q.932

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