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A Voice Not Heard?

Imagine using a TTY device to place a call and the number you are trying to reach has been changed. Since you would not be able to receive an intercept message, it would take some time before you realized there was a problem, further energy in alerting the TTY relay service to investigate the situation, and a lengthy wait before the call could finally be completed.

Imagine the frustration of businesses that rely on TTY phones to communicate with their customers when a new area code is implemented. Since methods to directly communicate with their TTY callers are lacking, a significant loss of business would result.

Service providers can offer TTY-compatible intercept messages that give similar information found in a standard spoken message. As part of good service, TTY callers are entitled to receive notification for changed numbers, changed area codes, and service-related information so their calls can be completed.

Wisconsinís Public Service Commission recently addressed the needs of TTY users, approving legislation that requires providers to offer intercept messages in a TTY-compatible format effective November, 2000. It is anticipated that other states will likely follow Wisconsinís lead in the near future and require TTY intercept.

Additionally, according to Section 255 of the Telecom Act, services must be accessible and usable by individuals with disabilities and carriers may not install network features, functions, or capabilities that do not comply with the accessibility requirements.

ETC began offering TTY vocabulary in 1997 for its intercept equipment. We have developed our TTY offerings from input given through our contacts and  associates in the deaf community. If you are interested in further information regarding TTY intercept, please send us an e-mail.

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